Design Your Own Fire Poker (DIY)


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Create the perfect fire poker for yourself or as a gift. Choose from various styles to assemble the look you want.

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Every item is hand-forged and one of a kind. The item you are sent may have slight variations from the pictures you see.


Forged out of 3/8″ mild steel this fire poker will hold up to countless years of use. Unlike store bought fire pokers, this is solid steel. This fire poker isn’t going to bend on you or snap. You’ll be able to hand this down for countless generations.

The poker end is 5″ in length to give you the ability to move around wood easily.

The handle fits comfortably in your hand and feels natural and not awkward like some store bought ones.

Overall length of the fire poker is approximately 28-29″ in length which makes it a great size for wood stoves and fireplaces. It’s also a good length for camp fires as well.

Below are the options explained for designing your own fire poker. There are 3 options available: tip style, twist, and handle. The twist is done in the center of the fire poker. Check the pictures to see what the options look like. You will also see some examples of fire pokers.

Tip Style

Two options are available for the fire poker tip (end).

Pointed – The pointed tip is your traditional style. It’s great for moving wood since you can get into any space.

Rake – This flatter style is great for raking hot coals and ash.

Both tip styles will do both jobs (move wood and rake) but each one is better suited to one or the other. It’s just a matter of preference.


No Twist – No twist is done to the center of the fire poker and it remains square.

Plain – A plain twist is the fire poker twisted to give a classic look.

Veined – This twist is done with all 4 sides chiseled first and then twisted to give a veined look which adds depth.

Reverse – A reverse twist is like a plain twist only that the twist continues back and forth in opposing directions. It’s kind of mesmerizing.

Stair – The stair twist is done by chiseling a line on all 4 sides and cutting in cubes on two opposing corners. It’s then twisted to give the look of a spiral staircase.


Volute – The handle is tapered to a point and a small curl is added at the end called a volute.

Curl – This handle tapers down in thickness and is thinner than the volute handle. It features a simple curl on the end.

Additional information

Weight 1.375 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 5 × .375 in
Poker Tip Style

Pointed, Rake


None, Plain, Veined, Reverse, Stair


Volute, Curl

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