Frequently Asked Questions

Here I’ll try and cover questions I’m commonly asked.

What type of metal do you use?

Most everything I forge is made of mild steel. Mild steel is a common steel used for everything these days, be it welding or steel beams in buildings. It’s a great cost-effective steel for everyday items.

Do you do custom work?

We do! Check our custom blacksmith work page for more information.

Do you make horseshoes?

I don’t. A farrier is the type of blacksmith you’re after if you’re interested in someone to shoe your horses or other farm animals.

Do you make knives, swords, or axes?

Nope. Those blacksmiths are known as bladesmiths and that’s not something I do.

Do you make railings or gates?

I don’t do anything that large. I mostly stick to smaller hand items and the largest thing I forge is fire pokers.

Are your items made of wrought iron?

They are not.

Wrought iron is an older process of making steel. It’s a very expensive metal that’s hard to come by these days.

What I forge most of my items with is mild steel which is basically the modern day equivalent of wrought iron though it has some different properties. I do also forge with stainless steel and I may have some tool steel items for sale. In either case I will explain the material used on any products I sell.

What type of forge do you use?

I currently forge everything with a double burner propane forge.

Can I Return My Item(s) and Get a Refund?

Yes. You can view my return and refund policy.

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