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Grill tool set comes with 16″ tongs, a 16″ spatula, and 18 1/2″ skewers. Perfect gift for the griller in your life. SAVE 10% versus buying items individually.

Heavy Duty Grill Tongs

Heavy duty grill tongs feature a 16" length to keep you back from the hot grill or fire.


Heavy Duty Grill Spatula

A 16" heavy duty grill spatula with an oversized end is perfect for grills and BBQs.


Grill/BBQ Skewers (Set of 4)

18 1/2" Length metal skewers that will fit a lot of meat and veggies. They feature a twist to help keep your food on the skewers and out of the grill or fire.

Every item is hand-forged and one of a kind. The item you are sent may have slight variations from the pictures you see. Each item is also forged to order so it may take 2-3 business days before your item(s) ship. If the item has an option for paint that you've picked, then it will take another 2 days.


This grill tool set features hand-forged tongs, spatula, and skewers. Buying the set saves you 10% off buying each tool individually!

  • The tongs are 16″ in length; perfect for keeping back from the heat.
  • The spatula has a 16″ handle, a 5″ spatula, giving you 21″ of reach!
  • Skewers are 18 1/2″ in length to give you plenty of room for stabbing meat and veggies.

Each tool is hand-forged from solid steel. It will last and hold up forever with the proper care. They can all be hung from your grill with a looped handle design as well.

Care Instructions

These are coated with a food safe beeswax. After use clean the utensil by hand washing. DO NOT place in a dishwasher. Dry the utensil by hand using a cloth. Periodically you should rub a light coating of oil (vegetable or canola are a few recommended options) on the utensil. Treat it like cast iron.

If you do get some surface rust, then you can use a non-abrasive scrubbing pad pad, or a wire brush if you have one, to clean off the rust. Afterwards rub a light coat of oil over everything.

If you follow these directions, then your utensil will last you a lifetime and more!

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Weight 4.69 lbs
Dimensions 24.5 × 4.25 × .75 in

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