Tent Stakes for Camping Tents & Canopy Tents (Set of 8)


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Great tent stakes for camping tents as well as canopy tents.

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Every item is hand-forged and one of a kind. The item you are sent may have slight variations from the pictures you see. Each item is also forged to order so it may take 2-3 business days before your item(s) ship. If the item has an option for paint that you've picked, then it will take another 2 days.


Searching for reliable tent stakes that can endure any camping condition? Look no further! Our hand-forged tent stakes are the perfect companion for your outdoor escapades. Hand-forged of solid steel to be incredibly robust and long-lasting. Lightweight yet incredibly strong, these stakes ensure that your tent remains firmly secured, even in gusty winds or loose soil. Experience the convenience and peace of mind these hand-forged stakes bring, allowing you to focus on enjoying every moment of your camping trip.

These tent stakes are also great for canopy tents. These are forged from 1/4″ steel, which is the size used on most canopy tents. I use them for the canopy tent I take to shows and events. That’s why I sell these as a set of 8 since canopy tents use 2 per-leg. Worst case you have a few extra if you’re camping tent doesn’t require that many.

The stakes are 8″ long and have a 90 degree bend to help hold down whatever it is you’re staking down.┬áBeing forged of solid steel means they’ll hold up for a very long time – assuming you don’t lose them first!

These do not come with a finish on them as any finish wouldn’t hold up to being driven into the ground. They are cleaned up and shipped out as-is.

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